Mad Craft Experience @ Great Vegas Festival of Beer
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Mad Craft


With Mad Craft we’ve created an event for breweries & local chefs to have some fun experimenting with beer in friendly competition with other locals, special guests, and folks from around the industry.

Mad Craft will be judged like a science fair for beer, encouraging playful combinations that surprise and delight guests looking for something more than a typical beer festival. A panel of local industry judges will present awards in four beer categories and four culinary categories, and you get to sample all the entries.


Experimental beer offerings will be judged in 4 categories:

  • Best Beer Blend – A blend of 2+ beers (but no other ingredients)
  • Best Beer Cocktail – A cocktail that is 50% beer and non-beer ingredients are used (no liquor)
  • Best Specialty Beer – A beer that isn’t distributed outside of a brewery taproom
  • Best Beer Experiment – A beer that doesn’t fit nicely into the other 3 categories (expect something crafty and mind-blowing)


Culinary participants will compete in 3 different categories:

  • Best craft beer-infused Bacon Dish – A dish that uses bacon or fakin’ as an ingredient with a savory flavor profile
  • Best craft beer-infused VEGETABLE dish – A dish that uses vegetables only
  • Best craft beer-infused OVERALL dish – The main event, where Chefs can get creative and blow our minds

Mad Craft will be similar to the Grand Tasting – you’ll have access to at least 15 breweries pouring 30+ different beers or beer creations and 10 chefs/restaurants creating 20+ dishes for you to try, so there will be plenty of beer and food options. The setup will be similar to the main festival in that each brewery will have a tent, along with each chef or restaurant, and you can visit each and sample what they make. All food and all beer is unlimited, so you can have as much as you like (while supplies last).