The 2019 Great Vegas Festival of Beer - Live Music
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The Great Vegas Festival of Beer promises to deliver the best live music so you can jam out while you drink up. That is if you are that multitalented. Have a listen to the artists from our official 2019 Great Vegas lineup and catch them at the main stage on April 6th.

Formed in 2015, Las Vegas-based Hip Hop Jazz band The Lique mixes rap, jazz, soul, funk and rock into a vibrant musical concoction that is determined to not only move bodies but also probe minds. The Lique’s second album “Times Like These” released in May 2018 follows up 2016’s “Democracy Manifest,” which garnered accolades from media outlets like Las Vegas Weekly, Seven Magazine and Afropunk. Both releases delve into the social and cultural issues, mixing serious topics with a dose of humor and a danceable groove.

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Born in Roseville, California, and now based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Gray has released a batch of solo singles that have received praise from tastemakers such as Earmilk, CloudKid & Live Nation’s “Ones To Watch” for their “hybrid genre” sounds. Over the past year, Zack Gray has established himself as a dynamic vocalist who comfortably delivers atmospheric R&B and collaborations with electronic producers alike. He leans into the former on his more recent solo releases, “idontwannabeyourfriend” a simple but powerful anthem about being caught in between friends and something more, and “Imperfect Love”, a sultry single that finds him stretching his soulful vocal range to new heights.

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Josh Royse, Mikey Tucker and Taylor Hatty have spent years honing their quixotic alt pop/rock hybrid sound in the Las Vegas bars, casinos and festivals between downtown and that infamous global vein known as ‘The Strip’. Cultivated by the scenes of Downtown’s snarky street art and venues full of sharp audiences who thrive in the vortex of abundant creation that is Vegas.

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