The Brewers Lounge is Righteous - Great Vegas Festival of Beer
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As you know, the super exclusive Brewers Lounge is home base for Great Vegas Festival of Beer VIP’s.  What you don’t know is how totally insane this year’s Brewers Lounge is going to be.  We were determined to make this the festival where we set the bar for the VIP experience.  Here’s what we’ve cooked up so far:

Brewers Lounge guests will be hosted in the ultra sleek and sophisticated Commonwealth for beer cocktails, reserve pours, and a stunning rooftop view of the festival.  It’s going to be so awesome that we were worried about people getting stuck in there from the sheer gravity of its coolness. But then we remembered that food is a really good motivator, so…

VIP’s will indulge in the offerings of La Comida, a Morton Group restaurant (of the La Cave and Crush family), and dine on small plate dishes inspired by, and in some cases, made with our favorite ingredient: beer.  We’ll save the menu for a little later, but rest assured that you’ll be in good hands at La Comida.

Between the swank spots to chill, rare brews, innovative mixology bar, ridiculous menu, and priority entry, VIP is without a doubt the best way to experience the Great Vegas Festival of Beer.