Great Vegas Festival of Beer - The Motley Experience
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2024 at great vegas…

Motley Brews festivals set themselves apart by the experience. We’re constantly imagining new ways for guests to enjoy and perceive the art of beer tasting and have a lot of fun while doing it.  Look for all new fun and unique experiences on our next go-around.

The Front Yard

Silent Disco

This is your chance to bust every move you can think of, while the DJ bumps tunes directly into your ears. It’s the ultimate neighbors-can’t-complain club with as much “oontz” as you can handle.

Nevada Craft Brewers Association Tent
NV Craft Beer Association Logo

NEVADA Craft Brewers Association Special Pours

The Nevada Craft Brewers Guild is a collection of Nevada’s most rad breweries, and they will be pouring a special beer every 20 minutes. And we’re talking REALLY special.

The Front Yard


Fellas, the Super Bowl proved if you get on stage and do “Yeah” every girl in a 5-mile radius will come running. Don’t thank us. Thank Usher.