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Esther’s Kitchen

  • Beer Infusion [Vegetable] –  Broccoli Raviolo w/ beemster gouda and crafthaus Belgard stout sabayon

The Black Sheep

  • Beer Infusion [Bacon] – Vietnamese Crepe w/ Pork belly caramelized with beer and garlic citrus sauce
  • Beer Infusion [Best Overall] – Beer steam banana leaf sticky rice w/ spicy maitake and beech mushrooms 

Donut Bar

  • Beer Infusion [Best Overall] – Hefeweizen Glaze – Donut hole
  • Beer Infusion [Best Overall] – Cinnamon to my sugar – Donut hole


  • Beer Infusion [Bacon] – The Sweet and Smokey bacon tacos w/ Mexican crema


  • Beer Infusion [Bacon] –  Jam on It!, Maple bourbon bacon jam made with CraftHaus Belgard coffee stout
  • Beer infusion [Vegetable]  – Silver State, Deep fried beer cheesy spinach artichoke wontons
  • Beer Infusion [Best Overall] – Ace in the Hole, Cider beer cheesecake truffles w/ graham cracker & pretzel crust

Sausage Fest

  • Beer Infusion [Bacon] – Lager braised pork belly and smoked sausage cassoulet
  • Beer Infusion [Best Overall] – Dark chocolate and oatmeal stout bread pudding

Inca Vs. Azteca

  • Beer Infusion [Bacon] – Lomo Saltado, Peruvian delicacies of marinated beef strips served with jasmine rice and aji verde sauce
  • Beer Infusion [Best Overall] – Carnitas Galore, Tender braised pork mini taco with onion and cilantro
  • Beer Infusion [Vegetable] – Avocado Heaven, Vegetarian  sampler of fried avocado on top zesty slaw


  • Beer Infusion [Bacon] – Empanada Loca, Chicken and bacon empanada w/ beer insures chipotle sauce 
  • Beer infusion [Vegetable] – Bella Veggie, Veggie Empanada w/ mozzarella, mushrooms and jalapenos
  • Beer infusion [Best Overall] – Empanada Especial, Beef and Chorizo empanada w/ Beer infused salsa and bacon

A Family Secret

  • Beer Infusion [Bacon] – Roll Him The Rug, Mafioso pig in a blanket w/ Roast beef, mozzarella, bacon, peperoncinis, on a garlic Phillo!
  • Beer Infusion [Vegetable]Not The First Hole I Dug, Portobello parm arugula balsamic toasted garlic bruschetta w/ Comrade stout to balance
  • Beer Infusion [Vegetable] – I’m Just Breakin Your Balls, Ricotta fritter with a herb gremolata and evocation saizon 

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