Pyrite Pale Ale Logo Contest - Great Vegas Festival of Beer
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It’s got a name. Can you give it a look? Be a part of Nevada Craft Brewing history by creating the logo for the first-ever collaboration beer from local brewers! Submit your design for Pyrite Pale Ale, the NCBA brew for the Great Vegas Festival of Beer, and you could win 4 VIP Brewers Lounge tickets to the 2013 GVFB and have your artwork prominently displayed at the festival.

Pyrite Logo Contest

The winner of the Motley Brews Pyrite Logo contest will receive 4 VIP Brewers Lounge tickets for the 2013 Great Vegas Festival of Beer and their artwork will be featured in the NCBA pavilion for the unveiling of Pyrite Pale Ale.

How to Enter
1. Initial entries must be submitted by email to with the subject line “Pyrite Logo Contest”. The entries must be submitted as a scalable vector graphic in EPS format and also as a 1000×1000 pixels JPG. See the Submission Guidelines below for further information.

2. The email must include the name, age, postal address, phone number and email address of the Entrant.

3. No more than 3 Entries may be submitted by any one Entrant.

4. Entries must conform to the Submission Guidelines set out below. Entries which fail to do so will be rejected.

5. The deadline for Entries is midnight on April 7, 2013 Pacific Standard Time.

6. We will attempt to acknowledge all entries within one week of receipt; however, we cannot be responsible for entries or responses lost in e-mail.

7. There is no fee to enter the Contest.

8. Entrant must be 21 years of age by April 27, 2013 to accept prize tickets.

Submission Guidelines
The purpose of the contest is to design a logo for the NCBA collaboration beer “Pyrite Pale Ale”. The logo will be used online, in print and on merchandise in coordination with Motley Brews and the Great Vegas Festival of Beer.  The final version of the logo will need to be suitable for high quality printing.

Because of the requirement to register the logo as a Trade Mark, Entrants should take care to ensure that their Entries are not in any way similar to existing logos or other copyrighted images. A logo that cannot be registered as a Trade Mark, no matter how well crafted, cannot win the Contest.

The logo must contain the name of the beer, “Pyrite Pale Ale”, and brewers, “Nevada Craft Brewers Association” or “NCBA” as well as “2013 Great Vegas Festival of Beer” or “2013 GVFB”. No other text may be used.

Due to the requirements for high quality printing and re-sizing Entries must submitted in scalable vector graphic format (EPS). We advise against the use of halftones and gradients unless created inside a vector graphics program. Color in this version must be CMYK, no spot colors.

JPGs 1000×1000 pixels of the logo are also requested so that entries can be posted to Motley Brews and NCBA member web sites without the need for conversion.

Submission of Content for Pyrite Pale Ale Logo Design Contest
Entries selected for display and to win the “Pyrite Pale Ale Logo Design” contest will be judged entirely at the discretion of Motley Brews.
By submitting a design to Motley Brews, you hereby grant to Motley Brews and its affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees and assigns, an irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free right to use, reproduce, edit, display, transmit, prepare derivative works of, modify, publish and otherwise make use of the submitted design in any and all media, whether now known or hereinafter created, throughout the world and for any purpose. In addition to other things, the rights granted to Motley Brews includes but is not limited to the right to resize, crop, censor, compress, edit, feature, caption, affix logos to, and to otherwise alter or make use of the submitted design;
By submitting any design to Motley Brews, you hereby represent and warrant that the submitted design does not and shall not infringe on any copyright, any rights of privacy or publicity of any person, or any other right of any third party, and you have the right to grant any and all rights and licenses granted to Motley Brews herein, including but not limited to all necessary rights under copyright, free and clear of any claims or encumbrances;
You acknowledge and agree that Motley Brews shall have no obligation to post, display or otherwise make publicly available any photo or information submitted by you, and may, in its sole and unfettered discretion, remove, edit, modify or delete any design that you submit to Motley Brews;
You understand and intend that any design submitted by you to Motley Brews may be available for viewing, rating, review and comment on by the public, and understand that comments or ratings with which you disagree or are unhappy about may be published or otherwise become associated with any design you submit to Motley Brews. By submitting any design to Motley Brews, you hereby waive any privacy expectations that you may have with respect to any such design submitted by you to Motley Brews.
You hereby agree to hold Motley Brews and its affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees sponsors and assigns harmless from and against, and hereby waive any right to pursue, any claims of any nature arising in connection with the inclusion in, publication via or display on any Motley Brews site, or any other use authorized under these Terms, of any design submitted to Motley Brews by you;
Designs submitted by you to the Site shall be the property of Motley Brews, and Motley Brews shall have no obligation to preserve, return or otherwise make available to you or others any design so submitted.